During depression the world disappears. Language itself. One has nothing to say. Nothing. Kristin experienced this misery, yet still managed to touch many lives and even in death continues to help others find help for their depression.
The Kristin Brooks Hope Center was created to help those in crisis find help and hope immediately. The site and her story gives you a raw, personal glimpse into depression, and how it affects those around you. In addition, you will find the only clear, step-by-step path for you to follow out of the darkness. There is hope and you can feel happy again! If you need to speak with someone right now call: 1.800.442.HOPE

Kristin Brooks Hope Center 2011 Achievements

Thank you to all the Hopeline supporters and volunteers for making 2011 yet another year of major achievements and successes! We deeply appreciate your efforts to prevent the tragedy of suicide, your ongoing encouragement and support for this important cause!

Kristin Brooks Hope Center programs are funded solely by individual donations , which means that these achievements would not be possible without your generous support and volunteer effort! Thank you very much!

Kristin Brooks Hope Center 2011 Achievements

IMAlive Virtual Crisis Center

On APRIL 12th, 2011 Kristin Brooks Hope Center, To Write Love On Her Arms and PostSecret officially launched the world's first ever Virtual Crisis Center called IMAlive with over 200 volunteers at different stages of training and 6 masters level supervisors. IMAlive was built on a complex web interface that allows IMAlive supporters to donate specifically to the volunteer of their choice, and then guides that volunteer from the very first sign up screen right through to volunteer service, all online.

Hundreds of volunteers from the United States, Canada and several other countries discovered that they can get trained to become Online Counseling and Suicide Intervention Specialists (OCSIS) and provide online support from the comfort of their home. To read what Psychology Today had to say about IMALIVE.org click HERE.

282 volunteers took the 40 hour Online Counseling and Suicide Intervention Specialist (OCSIS) training and have been applying their new skills in their online interactions, their daily conversations with their loved ones, friends and colleagues at work. The OCSIS course is an online course created by QPR Institite.

“The training is very informative, I think everybody, regardless of profession or volunteering aspirations, should take the training course! We should all know how to help our fellow human being in a crisis. I found some of the information to be common sense, but a lot of it was new to me as well.”

“The course was very dynamic, full of great material and easy to digest. Thumbs up!”

The OCSIS training allows volunteers with disabilities , as well as stay at home moms , students , and people who have no local crisis center nearby to provide online support with a flexible schedule. To learn more about IMAlive, visit our FAQ page.

2011 saw the launch of the movie ‘The Beaver' starring Mel Gibson and JodiFoster. The movie team supported the IMAlive program and each DVD now contains an IMAlive PSA.


On SEPTEMBER 9th -11th 2011, we held our 1st Annual IMAlive Training Conference to provide more extensive training to the IMAlive Team. After working on a daily basis for a year in the virtual world, the volunteers and supervisors from all over the US finally got to meet face to face! It was the highlight of 12 months of hard work! To read the Conference Brochure click HERE.

During the IMAlive Training Conference weekend we also held our annual Awards Banquet which was keynoted by PostSecret founder Frank Warren who also received that night the Mental Health Advocacy Life Time Achievement Award.


In 2011 Kristin Brooks Hope Center team traveled to twenty-one Universities and Colleges to put on the Alive Mental Health Fair & Suicide Prevention Tour and teach the students to recognize the warning signs of depression, suicide, and the symptoms of mental illness.

Over 2,000 students were trained in 1-hour QPR Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Course.

21 unique 8' x 4' canvases are now permanently mounted on each of the campus Student Unions, cafeterias and auditoriums inspiring future classes with messages of hope.


65,000 miles of awareness and education – The Hope Mobile travelled from schools in Connecticut to as far west as Iowa and WI! The message on the Hope Mobile allows complete strangers to open up, share their story and ask questions about helping their loved ones struggling with depression!

At one of the Alive! Mental Health Fairs, in Green Bay, WI, we met Michael Purcell , the founder of Faces of Suicide project and were honored to work together and talk to the students about reaching out and asking for help if they are experiencing suicidal thoughts.


Michael Jackson's eldest sister Rebbie headlined our 3rd Suicide Prevention PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR. In her interview with Venice Magazine , Rebbie explained why she chose our charity.

“When I first found out about it and I learned that it was connected with people that are bipolar, that is very dear to me because I have a member of my family that is bipolar. That touched me. That was very personal… I feel by being sincere and honest, I hope I can make an impression on someone.”

Yashi Brown, Rebbie's daughter and Michael Jackson's niece, and her ongoing struggle with bipolar disorder inspired Rebbie to talk about mental illness and suicide from the stage.

Rebbie Jackson, Yashi Brown and the Founder of 1-800-SUICIDE H. Reese Butler II also keynoted the 2011 South Carolina Annual Suicide Prevention Conference where Kristin Brooks Hope Center received the Recognition of Excellence Award in the efforts to serve the mental health community.


Cadets from the Class of 2011 of the
US Coast Guard Academy developed and launched a Social Networking support site for 877-VET2VET.  The Hope Mobile and KBHC Founder H. Reese Butler II traveled  to the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT for the unveiling of the Capstone Project Presentation on 877-VET2VET. Under the leadership of Capt. Paul Szwed, Graduate Cadets Kealy, Salerno, Tamminen and Hart developed an online presence to improve the 877-VET2VET peer counseling program to all US Coast Guard and eventually the other 6 branches of the US Uniformed Services as effectively as social networking tools could carry it. In addition to delivering a stellar presentation on how to do the work, the US Coast Guard Academy made the decision to continue the program even after graduation and institutionalize the training and awareness components.  The Cadets came outside afterwards to pose with KBHC's founder Reese Butler (in the rain) and spent several hours giving Reese a briefing on the development and progression of the program.

It was an amazing effort, all volunteer and driven by a group of Cadets determined to make sure their graduation class and future ones would have the resources they need to prevent a suicide as well as give the skills to Coast Guards that would be intervening in life and death situations throughout their careers. Bravo to the Class of 2011!

On September 10th we held our 8th Annual Capitol Hill Press Event raising awareness of the daily loss among the US military and Veterans. Powerful speeches, sharp pain over the loss of the loved ones, silent tears - all reminded us of the daily toll. Every day we lose 18 Veterans to suicide.

Our partners:
Center for Strategic Military Excellence
Operation Second Chance
Iraq Veterans Against The War
Veteran's Advocacy Services
NAMI, Montgomery County
Veteran's Dream Foundation
Family of a Vet
Veterans Education Project
Blue Star Families
The Soldier's Project
The Mommies Network

Several veterans and representatives of veteran organizations were trained as Online Counseling and Suicide Interventions Specialists to provide ongoing support for veterans in their local communities.

That night we held the 1st Annual Global Night of Hope with iFred, Serendipity and 9 other Veteran Service Organizations and handed out hundreds of yellow light bulbs to light up the north east sector of DC with a message of hope from Mental Health America and iFred in partnership with the Kristin Brooks Hope Center founders of 1-800-SUICIDE.


In 2011 we partnered with the Korean American Counseling Center to create the world's first Korean Suicide Hotline with a toll free number 
1-888-5-KOREAN where the call takers were all trained as crisis intervention specialists. Plans are also in place to offer the small chat service in Korean in partnership with a counseling center in Seoul, Korea.


Our SUICIDE PREVENTION PLAYING CARDS were created by Canadian designer Drew Schorno and praised by Paul Quinnett Ph.D as a unique and fast way of learning the suicide warning signs. Magician Michael Kent created a video using the playing cards. Both Drew and Michael donated their time and skills to support the cause of suicide prevention – we are so grateful!

IMALIVE WRISTBAND has the IMAlive website and 1-800-SUCIDE hotline on it and it glows in the dark! We produced and distributed 20,000 of them on our Alive Mental Health Fair College Suicide Prevention Tour, the 3 rd Annual Pick Up the Phone Tour and Frank Warren's POSTSECRET 2011 College Speaking Tour.

You can get the IMAlive wristband as a gift with your donation of $10 or more.
Read more about the playing cards and IMAlive wristbands HERE.

We also produced an IMALIVE T-SHIRT which has on the inside quotes from people in crisis who were helped by chat volunteers. Click here for a larger picture.

The 2nd Annual "Please Don't Jump Day" was a success following the 2010 inaugural event which was declared by the city of San Francisco, and the State of California “Please Don't Jump Day”. To commemorate the 1st and 2nd Annual events we produced a documentary which was edited by Alexander Kavon .
It chronicles the annual event at the Golden Gate Bridge where Blue October played a free acoustic concert. On Please Don't Jump Day more than 2,000 people who died by jumping off the bridge were honored with the “Whose Shoes Are These” display. Copies are available upon request at reese@hopeline.com . The documentary will be screened on the Spring Alive Mental Health Fair and Suicide Prevention Tour 2012.

On November 10th the fans and supporters of the PostSecret community helped Kristin Brooks Hope Center win five key prizes in the inaugural Razoo
“DC Gives to the Max” contest. The campaign was led by Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret and was conducted all online. Over 700 new donors pushed KBHC to the top of the list in several categories of over 5,000 charities that competed.  Read the press release with complete details here.

Thanking you and all the supporters of the Hopeline and all the Kristin Brooks Hope Center programs and we look forward to 2012 and hope to add to this list of achievements!

Kristin Brooks Hope Center
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